Life after "Border Farm" for the Dulibazimu Theatre Group has meant starting collaborations with local NGOs and other arts organisations from Musina.

Dulibadzimu is part of the MADE IN MUSINA project: a networking project bringing together Musina's artists and arts organisations.

This t-shirt making workshop was held in Nancefield, Musina in December. The idea is to use viral modes of advertising to create some hype and encourage participation in the MADE IN MUSINA community project. We advertised the MADE IN MUSINA project by making a template MADE IN MUSINA t-shirt and then incorporated he name and logo of each of the participating groups on their own series of t-shirts. The workshop also brought all the groups together under the MADE IN MUSINA banner, and has kicked off our collaborative project.

Here's the MADE IN MUSINA design.

Here's Meza Weza making a "Dulibadzimu" stencil.

Here's Pilot Biller's finished t-shirt!

Check out the MADE IN MUSINA blog that the Musina artists are working on!

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