The unravelling of Zimbabwe has meant an intensification of migration out of that country into neighbouring states. Most Zimbabweans who cross into South Africa beat a path to the cities, but many remain close to the border to work on farms in the far north of Li­mpopo province.  These farms are situated nearby the Beit Bridge border post on the South African side of the Limpopo river, near to the town of Musina.

During seven months of organising work, targeted discussion and workshops facilitated by Thenjiwe Nkosi with Tapiwa Marovatsanga and Raymond Marlowe, a group of 25 people (mostly Zimbabwean) working on a Limpopo farm created the Dulibadzimu Theatre Group.

The group was conceived as a vehicle to speak out about common experiences of living  on the border and to document and explore this situation using drama, photographs, video and writing. 

A film script emerged from within the community and became the skeleton around which we then structured a series of workshops. The workshops were both skills-transfer programmes and a way to make art about an experience.